Professional Training at OBJENTIS

OBJENTIS employees are highly trained and have comprehensive professional experience. They are the company’s most valuable asset, and the emphasis we place on human resources development is correspondingly high.

Among others, the company’s training measures include the following:

  • CMAP
  • IREB
  • CAT
  • PMA
  • Microsoft and IBM certifications

Training our employees and otherwise promoting knowledge is a core value at OBJENTIS. We grow as a company through competence, and we aim to add a high degree of value through our client projects. This is why enabling the cultivation of knowledge is one of our most significant management responsibilities.

OBJENTIS also promotes in-house innovation by cooperating with universities and research centers. For example, we developed our Test Case Center (QAS.TCS) tool in cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien). Young scientists were able to gain practical experience, and the university’s know-how flowed into the software’s development.

OBJENTIS learns a great deal about IT development issues and approaches to solving them through the practice of our consultants in the field. That’s why their experiences are documented and reflected upon, and this valuable information is available to all of our clients.