Innovation Manifests Itself in Initiative

OBJENTIS continually aims to test new ideas and approaches in special projects. Towards this end, we develop innovative concepts, collaborate with various research institutes and participate in projects of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft, or FFG). While some of these innovative projects have been implemented together with clients and partners, others have been undertaken on our own initiative. The following are examples of recent innovation projects:

License Compliance Check: By now, the vast majority of commercial software contains elements of open source technologies. However, due to legal requirements, certain conditions must be met to use these elements – such as disclosing the source code – and verifying license compliance is therefore of vital importance.

Security Testing: To enable the integration of security testing in software development testing, OBJENTIS, together with experts at Secure Business Austria, developed a set of methods for checking security-relevant aspects. The result is a framework that lets software testers systematically check relevant program areas for vulnerabilities and other critical settings.

Automation of Mobile Device Testing: Manually testing end devices is time and work intensive, and automation therefore shortens test phases. This not only results in significant time savings, but also enhances quality. OBJENTIS has developed a tool that enables the automated testing of diverse mobile end devices, such as handhelds with integrated scanners, mobile ordering systems and handhelds used by maintenance technicians.