“Grey Panther” Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Productive Aging
In addition to experience, senior employees have developed qualities like insight, perseverance and a knack for precision during the course of their careers. As a result, they represent valuable potential to a company.

Unfortunately, few companies are able to offer their senior employees new perspectives, and the result is a lack of motivation, stagnating productivity and squandered human capital. Grey Panther Software Testing offers new opportunities for senior employees who have years of experience in a business specialty, in EDP development or in a data processing center. These employees are very knowledgeable about the company’s operations, system requirements, communication channels and quality standards. In addition, they have experience with “critical situations” and know how to approach solving them. Most of their knowledge is implicit and is thus passed on informally. The key is to utilize this knowledge in ever new contexts.

Productive aging means offering new perspectives to senior employees, as well as incentives for starting a new, company-internal career. This is important given that the traditional career path from a bottom-rung employee to a position of leadership offers little incentive to many older employees, particularly with the aging pyramid becoming more narrow – to mean that not all experienced employees are able to, or even want to, become a team leader. A position as an expert in quality assurance is often ideal for those who don’t assume leadership roles, as it opens many new opportunities.

Quality Assurance as a Field of Work

The task of software quality assurance requires technical understanding and knowledge of the specific business areas in which the software is used. Quality assurance personnel also need good communication skills, for they must be able to develop a mutual understanding with such diverse groups as programmers and users.

It is also a fact that quality assurance work demands precision, a good overview of the business and an ability to study a topic or problem in depth. Attention to detail is vital, but so is maintaining the big picture. Experienced employees generally bring all of these competencies to the table. Grey Panther Quality Assurance is thus a prime example of how employee experience can be used within a company to leverage business interrelationships. Ultimately, the goal is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing, while offering new career perspectives to senior employees.

Utilizing Experience and Leveraging Interrelationships


Not only does quality assurance work demand experience, but also knowledge of QA methods, standards and procedural models. For this reason, Grey Panther Quality Assurance supplements existing experience with specific know-how. Training – and especially guidance during the job familiarization and knowledge-building phases – is an integral component of the concept. The training courses cover two general areas: on the one hand, specialized methodological know-how, and on the other, preparation for meeting social and communication challenges.

A Generation that Prides Itself on Quality

Quality awareness has a strong tradition among Austrian companies, as they have focused on quality instead of quantity for decades. Belief in this precept has been formative for an entire generation, and this is especially true in the technical sector. It is also the focal point of the “quality offensive” that Grey Panther Quality Assurance aims to initiate in the software field. Importantly, software is characterized by a short life cycle and flexibility (as opposed to longevity). Thus, the combination of quality and innovation is needed to ensure successful products for the future.