Security and Usability as Success Factors

The advance and proliferation of applications for mobile end devices has taken on a new dynamic in recent years. The countless different devices, not to mention the diversity of platforms and operating systems, presents new challenges to quality assurance teams in particular. Usability is a critical success factor, but security, optimal interoperability of hardware and software, and performance are also keys to success. In short, mobile application testing is like no other type of software testing, and the unique usability and security challenges call for specially trained personnel.


Mobile application testing requires experience, a high degree of flexibility and the right approach. OBJENTIS offers highly qualified support in all of these areas:

  • OBJENTIS is an accredited training provider for the iSQI Certified Mobile App Professional (CMAP) certification. Training is held on two days, and the exam may be taken at the end of the second day. We offer both open training for individuals and company training.
  • OBJENTIS employees are iSQI certified and bring experience as mobile application test consultants with them. They are well-versed in the latest mobile technology developments and know which test methods and procedures to use, including the right test automation tools (in particular, simulators and emulators).
  • OBJENTIS has comprehensive experience in writing and managing test cases, and in planning, configuring and executing automated tests for Android and iOS alike.
  • OBJENTIS knows the unique demands of mobile app development all too well, such as the extremely short release cycles. If necessary, we are able to apply crowd testing models to supplement in-house testing or as a means of conducting usability checks.
  • Customers and end users don’t like waiting, which means application performance management (APM) is increasingly important for the success of mobile apps. OBJENTIS experts analyze the various performance aspects and help clients develop the appropriate optimization strategies.


A key benefit for OBJENTIS clients is the flexibility and experience of our consultants. We are able to provide unconventional solutions when needed, for instance when many devices must be tested quickly. After all, in mobile app testing: Not only do defects count, but the number of days, too.