SAP Testing

Unlike any other testing…

company, a manufacturer of software for organizations SAPIn many companies, SAP solutions represent the backbone of IT systems, for they are often used to control critical business processes. As a result, interface development and adaptations to meet the needs of customers involve significant complexity.

Comprehensive testing is therefore a must for the new installation of a SAP solution, but also for system upgrades and support or enhancement packages. Due to their broad range of functionality, SAP solutions typically lead to large testing volumes and, in turn, high costs: The IT and business departments must each test the entire system with all relevant use cases.

The Challenges of SAP Testing

SAP tests differ from other software testing procedures in a number of ways:

  • SAP testing validates adaptations, customizing and the implementation of business processes.
  • SAP systems must be tested regularly, such as when patches are installed. Developing a representative set of test cases is therefore especially important.
  • SAP tests are time consuming and costly, which makes test automation of primary importance.
  • SAP systems generally use numerous interfaces, which are another specific focus of SAP testing.
  • It is necessary to verify data integrity, particularly during data migrations.
  • Overall performance is a critical factor in many systems, which means adequate performance measurements are part of the standard procedure for SAP testing.

Our 3-phase concept has proven to be a particularly viable approach for SAP testing. Use cases are recorded and prioritized, and the test cases are then generated and parameterized from the use cases. This approach is especially reliable and cost-effective with a view to test automation.

With respect to test automation, OBJENTIS works independently of specific providers: Our employees have excellent knowledge and experience in SAP-specific test tools (eCATT) as well as GUI-based tools.