Flood relief aid for the Balkan

OBJENTIS donates 5,000 Euros in flood relief aid for the Balkan

What has unfolded in Serbia, Croatia and especially Bosnia can only be termed a quiet catastrophe – not as spectacular as an earthquake or hurricane, but every bit as devastating.
Serbia, parts of Croatia and particularly Bosnia are suffering through the worst flooding in over 100 years. More than one million people have been cut off from access to potable water and hundreds of thousands have lost their entire belongings. Poverty-stricken rural areas have been hit especially hard: On top of many homes being rendered inhabitable, the flooding has left gardens buried in mud and the animals of single-livestock families dead, while the threat of epidemic remains acute.

CARE Austria is providing aid in the form of packages containing baby food, and by providing fresh water pumps. However, CARE expects a very long reconstruction phase and has called for additional donations. “The Serbian and Bosnian communities to which CARE is providing aid were already very poor prior to the flooding. Now, many people have lost what little they had and must try to rebuild their lives,” the aid organization reports. Above all, victims of the flooding require hope, a “jump-start” for rebuilding and the feeling that they haven’t been forgotten by the rest of Europe.

With its donation, OBJENTIS is supporting the CARE package initiative for flooding victims. If you, too, would like to help, please send your donation to:
CARE-Spendenkonto “Flutkatastrophe Balkan”
IBAN: AT77 6000 0000 0123 6000 / BIC: OPSKATWW
www.care.at (online donations are also accepted)