2005: South Asian Earthquake Relief

“”A million people have lost their homes and livelihoods. Besides first aid, we must act quickly to help victims find a way to get their lives in order again.”

(Christoph Petrik-Schweifer, Head of Austria’s Caritas-Auslandshilfe)

OBJENTIS donated 3,000 Euros to the immediate relief fund for helping victims of the devastating fall 2005 earthquake. We will also double the amount donated by our employees and hand over all collected monies to the “Nachbar in Not” organization.

Many victims in the affected areas still require reconstruction assistance, and we ask all readers to consider making a humanitarian donation to “Nachbar in Not”, PSK Account Nr. 91.30.1000, bank routing code 60,000. More details are available on the website nachbarinnot.orf.at

2004: Tsunami Aid

Few natural catastrophes in modern times even come close to matching the destruction unleashed by the Indian Ocean earthquake and ensuing tsunami that hit Southeast Asia in 2004. In addition to the massive immediate casualties, millions of people were left to struggle for their very existence.

OBJENTIS has donated 5,000 Euros to the victim relief fund and will additionally double the contributions of our employees. To donate, please visit the Austrian “Nachbar in Not“organization’s website.

2004: Humanitarian Aid to Darfur

Few parts of the world have seen the level of economic and ecological devastation which has hit Darfur, in western Sudan. Worse than drought, starvation and a lack of adequate medical supplies and potable water, however, is the political terror and civil war that threaten the lives of millions of helpless people. At least 1.5 million refugees have been forced to flee from their homes in war-torn areas, where Sudanese rebels have been battling it out with the government-tied Janjaweed militias. The latter have also been implicated in grave human rights abuses.

OBJENTIS has taken part in the Austrian campaign “Nachbar in Not – Österreich hilft Darfur” by donating 5,000 Euros, and has also agreed to double all relief monies collected from our employees.

2002: Gruft

OBJENTIS donates over EUR 8,000 to the organization Gruft in Vienna.

2002: Menschen für Menschen

OBJENTIS begins its permanent sponsorship of Menschen für Menschen, providing an initial donation of EUR 8,000.

2001: St. Anna Childrens Hospital

OBJENTIS supports the cancer research department of Vienna’s St. Anna Kinderspital with a donation of over EUR 4,000.