Our Mission

OBJENTIS Software Integration GmbH is an IT service provider. Our core business activities are software testing, requirements engineering and system integration consulting.

OBJENTIS’ state-of-the-art specialized knowledge, broad expertise and know-how in software technologies and strong communication competencies are all prerequisites for developing and quality assuring complex business software, and therefore serve as the basis for our business activities.

Our integrative, holistic and practice-oriented approach is at the core of what we do. Above all, OBJENTIS is committed to solving complex tasks and challenges on behalf of our clients, in order to help them achieve sustainable improvements to their software and business processes.

Our Values

  • Customer Service: Our customer service activities are squarely focused on the needs of our clients and their projects. For us to be successful, we must ensure our clients’ success.
  • Customer Care and Understanding: We are committed to building trusting relationships with our clients. Thus, we maintain close contact and open communication at all times. Our consulting services are based on a proactive and holistic approach that remains focused on the business goals of the client. To help achieve complete customer satisfaction, we afford our clients the opportunity to regularly evaluate our performance.
  • Innovation: Research and development is of decisive importance for safeguarding the future of our company. OBJENTIS therefore cooperates with universities and research institutes, and on international projects, to continually develop new processes and methods.
  • Orientation towards employees: Dedicated and satisfied employees are our most valuable asset. OBJENTIS is therefore committed to treating all employees fairly. We reject any form of discrimination and instead support such initiatives as gender equality and productive aging. In addition, we actively invest in employee training and education.
  • Sustainability: Business success alone is not enough. At OBJENTIS, we are also aware of our responsibility to society and the environment.  As a result, we maintain a commitment to social projects and environmental protection measures. In addition, OBJENTIS pursues only socially and ecologically responsible investments, and we place great value on fair trade and green IT products.

Our Goals

OBJENTIS Software Integration GmbH aims to become a recognized leader in the field of software quality assurance and testing.

By pursuing a strategy of internationalization, we aim to establish a broad economic basis for OBJENTIS products and know-how.

Overspecialization in any one area risks losing sight of the bigger picture. Conversely, failure to integrate specialized know-how makes the big picture incomplete. Thus, OBJENTIS aims to combine big-picture thinking with specialized expertise – in software development and quality assurance alike.