OBJENTIS lives social responsibility

The 2030 Agenda of the United Nations (known as Sustainable Development Goals) calls for fighting poverty and hunger and to promote justice, health and education. We can only achieve the goal of a future worth living if everyone contributes to it: politics, society, companies.

As a successful IT company, OBJENTIS takes its social responsibility seriously: We support people who are have an imminent need: after natural disasters, as a result of flight and displacement, or due to serious illnesses. OBJENTIS also supports initiatives that contribute to improving living conditions in the long term: with educational projects, in cancer research or through integration projects.

Support of social initiatives in Austria

In Austria, OBJENTIS supports social initiatives such as child cancer research, the Hope Mission or projects in schools, in the homeless sector and many more.

International aid projects

OBJENTIS supports disaster relief for neighbours in need, as well as long-term programs from “Menschen für Menschen”, “CARE“ or  “Society against Landmines”

Sustainability and environmental protection in the office

Sustainability has a social, an economic and an ecological dimension. OBJENTIS accepts its responsibility in all areas. In the environmental area we pay attention to environmentally friendly work: waste separation, measures to save energy or environmentally compatible mobility are promoted whenever possible. Additionally employees are made aware of environmental and health aspects. OBJENTIS provides office space dedicated for artists as exhibition space.