Social Responsibility

People are fleeing their homes – and OBJENTIS is helping!

We welcome refugees because…

  • we believe it is our ethical responsibility to help people in need.
  • as an IT company, we are part of a closely linked international network that is vital for innovation, cooperation and the exchange of ideas – and fenced off borders will only destroy this network.
  • several of our employees have foreign roots and all of them display outstanding dedication, commitment, professional knowledge and intercultural competence. We are very happy that their families were, and still are, welcome here.
  • an open society with social cohesion is a prerequisite for prosperity and a successful economy. Marginalization, fear and prejudice only prevent social and economic development.
  • diversity is an absolutely vital building block for innovation.

Our contribution to aiding refugees

  • Refugees need shelter: That is why we are supporting the Caritas Haus Amadou in Vienna with a donation of more than 4,000 euros.
  • He who helps quickly helps double: Under this motto, we donated 1,000 euros for school materials that will enable refugee children to attend school – and another eur 1,000 euros for the Train of Hope.
  • GGL Austria supports projects for defusing and removing land mines, and OBJENTIS regularly supports these initiatives – just recently with a donation of 3,500 euros. It is a relatively forgotten issue, but land mines endanger the lives of many people, at the same time making it impossible for them to secure a livelihood. Land mines have been turning people into refugees for decades!

Aiding refugees in their own countries

There are millions of refugees living in camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, so our help should not be limited to only those who make their way to Austria. To ensure that aid is being delivered wherever it is needed, OBJENTIS has supported the international humanitarian organization CARE for many years now.

Our employees help too, and we support them in the following ways…

  • by offering paid vacation when they need it to support worthy social causes
  • after-work training sessions for refugees: held by our employees in their free time, and we provide the company spaces
  • by matching the amount of donations collected by our employees, thereby doubling it
  • by offering employees the option of donating part of their paycheck to worthy causes, and we match this amount
  • giving employees a say in which projects to support – e.g., the next issue to receive our attention will be women’s empowerment

We kindly ask you to help too!

We are witnessing the worst refugee disaster in a generation. If we don’t act now, then when will we? Every company and every individual can help, for instance:

  • by donating money to a recognized humanitarian organization
  • by providing shelter in a home, if you have the space
  • by donating time – e.g., to teach refugees German or English, etc.
  • by taking a brave stance against fear, prejudice and xenophobia – within your circle of friends and colleagues, on social networks and on your homepage.

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