Requirements management is an indispensable part of professional software development, and for good reason: It takes time and money to implement requirement changes. Because the ability to efficiently record, evaluate, approve, and track each change request is vital to the process, IT managers require well structured tools to assist in the decision making process. Of course, such a tool should offer a customizable workflow and an efficient reporting functionality for maximum effectiveness.

QAS.CREQ is a robust, practice-oriented requirements management tool set that fully supports the IT management workflow. QAS.CREQ is a tool for linking management with the development and test departments. New or updated requirements can be easily documented, prioritized, evaluated, approved, and/or implemented, as they are made continuously available to the affected stakeholders by the system. QAS.CREQ can be adapted to match your actual workflow needs, thereby providing an accurate “visual model” of the requirements throughout the cycle. Realistic modeling of products, projects, components, responsibilities, and the status of each process adds a level of scalability that can be tailored to your specific project requirements. QAS.CREQ offers several menu guidance options and customizable views, to support multiple user groups and their individual needs. Management information, such as periodic cost analyses and status reports, is easy to generate using the incorporated statistics, analysis, and reports functionality, which can be further expanded at your option.

The integrated standard XML interface provides interconnectivity and compatibility with other IT environment components, such as a help desk, test case, or problem tracking databases.

System Environment

QAS.CREQ can be used as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with other QAS.* components. For example, problem reports from the QAS.PTAR problem tracking application can be transferred directly to QAS.CREQ. Once approved, proper notification is sent back to QAS.PTAR. Like all QAS.* components, QAS.CREQ features a standardized XML interface for easy integration with third party environments.

QAS.CREQ is available as either a desktop solution (Windows, Linux, Mac) or Web browser application.

The OBJENTIS Advantage

QAS.CREQ ensures that requirements related documents receive the proper attention from the very start of development, by supporting/providing

  • requirements management on a multi-project level
  • hierarchical product and component structures
  • a flexible workflow definition, including the capacity for integrating complex, pre-programmed conditions
  • a complete, easy to trace document history throughout the cycle
  • an active notification service
  • distributed systems
  • predefined and customizable information retrieval filters
  • multiple user authorization levels and responsibilities
  • the setting of global and customized views

QAS.CREQ provides quick answers to questions such as:

  • Which requirements are currently documented? Who is responsible?
  • Which projections still need to be made?
  • How many requirements are still open for product X?
  • Which requirements are targeted for implementation, and in which product version?
  • What does the implementation concept foresee for a given requirement? Who is involved in each step?

Successful requirements management demands a well structured and coordinated process. With QAS.CREQ, you now have the tool to get the job done right.