Testing is an indispensable part of professional software development, even if the costs involved can sometimes be daunting. That makes it all the more important to have reliable answers regarding overall project time and costs, expected error rates, and test coverage, not to mention accurate target vs. actual data analyses. QAS.METRICS – a component of the QAS test suite – is a robust, practice-oriented test management tool designed for the professional.

QAS.METRICS was specifically developed for the professional test manager. It is a pre-configured solution whose design incorporates the practical experience gained by OBJENTIS during numerous actual test projects, as well as solid theoretical fundamentals. The QAS.METRICS help assistant provides easy program navigation: Management figures, development-related estimates, and all existing facts and information related to the specific project environment are placed at your fingertips. What’s more, your own project knowledge and the empirical knowledge upon which the solution is based integrate seamlessly into a single, powerful test environment. With highly reliable project planning benchmarks at your disposal from the very start, QAS.METRICS makes correct adjustments during the project cycle easier than it ever was. As information is added, or as available information becomes more concrete, your calculated projections will gain in accuracy. QAS.METRICS makes it a snap to compare the projected and actual progress, which is vital for several reasons: It permits precise conclusions and forecasts regarding all facets of the project, while automatically fine-tuning the quality of future computations.

System Environment

QAS.METRICS can be operated as a completely self-contained system or used in conjunction with other QAS.* components. When used with QAS.PTAR, daily problem reports resulting from test operation, for example, can be made to flow directly into QAS.METRICS for analysis. QAS.METRICS uses standard XML interfaces for easy integration with existing third-party systems.

QAS.METRICS is available both as a desktop solution (Windows, Linux, Web) and as a Web browser application.

The OBJENTIS Advantage

QAS.METRICS puts you in command of a project from the very start, with answers to vital questions like:

  • What resources will the project require?
  • How much time should be budgeted?
  • What error rate can be expected?
  • What will the overall costs be?

As the project progresses, other key questions can be answered:

  • How many test cases are still open?
  • How does the actual test progress compare to the projected progress? Is the project still on schedule?
  • What unexpected requirements have been added, and what are the consequences for the project?

Just as important, the following questions can be answered once the project is complete

  • What is the quality level of the deployed product? How many problems remain in the application?
  • What resources will need to be devoted to product support from this point on?
  • What areas of the development or test process demonstrate potential for improvement?
  • What amount of experience gained can flow into follow-on projects?

The QAS.METRICS environment makes essential answers available from the very start, with data that you can count on and facts upon which management decisions can be reliably based.