Independent Test Team

OBJENTIS Independent Test Teams are available to clients who seek to outsource all facets of testing in support of their software development processes.

 With shorter release cycles and, at the same time, growing underlying development complexity, clients may prefer to let our experts remove the burden of planning, designing and executing software tests from their shoulders.

 Clients who choose this option can rest assured that our Independent Test Teams, which consist of a flexible number of software and testing experts, will take on their software solution and test it as if it were their very own! The OBJENTIS team goes to work in the earliest development stages – usually during the initial analysis, before the first lines of source code have been written – and supports the client through to the formal project end, and even into the maintenance phase.

 Key Advantages for OBJENTIS Clients

 Increased flexibility – since our teams can be ideally staffed according to the project phase

  • Improved planning reliability – stemming from clearly defined agreements and goals
  • Assured highest quality – because only experienced testers will be testing the client’s software
  • Powerful software quality indicators for the client’s management team

 Using an independent test team makes especially good sense for companies who outsource portions of their software development activities. In such cases, the team is the ideal means of ensuring that both the contracting and developing party reach mutual agreement based on objectively arrived at test results. Communication thus becomes a key element of the testing process.

Integrated Test Team

Our Integrated Test Team solution supports the client’s software development effort by providing OBJENTIS experts to work closely with the client’s own staff on-site.

 Key Advantages for OBJENTIS Clients 

 Know-how transfer to the company’s employees

  • Integration of the company’s employees within each project phase
  • Adequate staffing to cover personnel bottlenecks (during peak periods)

 The integrated testing approach is ideal for companies who seek professional support for their in-house teams – either in terms of business-specific or technical expertise, or with respect to content or adequate personnel coverage during peak periods, for example.