An Objective Outside View

Whenever customers seek to optimize their testing processes and/or adapt them to new methods, OBJENTIS can support them by conducting a “software testing assessment.” Paired with expert knowledge and experience, an objective outside view of your existing testing structures is the best way to identify new and exciting possibilities for optimizing your current processes and methods.

Our methods are based on concepts used by Dr. Sonja Radatz, whereby we do not aim for gradual change but rather for “the change” that can be implemented quickly. We are typically on-site at the client’s premises for three days and present our optimization proposal within a week. Once approved by the client, we start implementing changes immediately. This means we will only provide recommendations that can actually be put into use promptly.

By providing an objective outside view, OBJENTIS experts can lend vital support anytime you choose to leave conventional paths behind in search of newer, more effective processes.

OBJENTIS Assessment Services

When you turn to OBJENTIS for assessment services, you can expect highly qualified consultants with extensive project management and software testing experience to work on your project. Using a structured questionnaire, our experts will perform a thorough analysis of your existing standards, methods and tools as the basis for developing a tailored catalog of measures.

Our standard assessment consists of a three-day analysis phase on your premises, conducted in close cooperation with your management staff. We will establish the catalog of measures within one week’s time, and the assessment is only complete once the results have been thoroughly discussed with your management team.