RTEmagicC_qas_tcs_logo.gifProfessional testing absolutely requires the support of traceable test cases, test series, test chains, and test suites. Even with different test personell involved, deterministic testing should be identically repeatable, including results. As for the test cases, they must be defined for clarity, whether execution is performed by man or machine. Testing requires proper planning and structures, it also requires information exchange, cooperation and organization, as well as the right tools.

QAS.TCS is a professional testing tool designed for both manual and automated software testing.

QAS.TCS provides a central platform for the entire test team. Tests are planned and activities assigned to testers. Test cases are defined, parameterized, and executed. Monitoring and reporting is supported perfectly. Finally tests are evaluated and reports generated.

QAS.TCS also links directly to your business specialists: After all, the user circle frequently knows better whether precise functional requirements are met by the software or not. By permitting the integration of your company’s business specialists directly with the testing platform, the QAS.TCS design goes a long way toward rectifying a major shortcoming of most conventional solutions! Having an easy to use interface and being able to define proper roles and functions is a must for integrating business specialists into the software testing cylce. Once business specialists are linked to QAS.TCS, their expertise flows directly into the testing environment using a unified structure, which makes it easy for your technical team to use the input in test cases.

System Environment

QAS.TCS can be used as stand-alone system or in conjunction with other QAS.* test suite components, such as QAS.PTAR the problem tracking tool. QAS.TCS is your complete testing platform – from purely manual to fully automated test. As part of the automated test functionality, QAS.TCS supports connectivity to a variety of external test automation tools (test robotics). Like all QAS.* components, QAS.TCS can easily be integrated with existing third-party environments using the integrated standard XML interface.

QAS.TCS is available either as desktop solution (Windows, Linux, Mac) or as a Web browser application.

The OBJENTIS Advantage

  • support of the complete test process
  • comprehensive administration of manual and automated test cases
  • workflow based test case design
  • cross-project reuse of test cases
  • definition of test scenarios , test groups, test chains and test areas
  • a complete, easy to trace history of all test results
  • user categories: test manager, business specialist, tester, etc.
  • support of distributed teams by replication, linking, e-mail integration, etc.
  • interfaces to QAS.PTAR or to other external problem tracking components
  • the integration and control of external test automation robots
  • monitoring and reporting with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and XML/XSLT
  • XML import and export of complete data