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OBJENTIS software test consultants assist customers in developing test strategies, in structuring test processes, in test management and test documentation tasks, or in the automation of test processes. They also develop indicators for acceptance procedures or help optimize development processes.

OBJENTIS experts help to establish and develop the test team at the client site by providing training and ISTQB certifications as well as assessments and mentoring programs.

Each customer has specific requirements, specific and often historically grown system environments as well as proven processes and process models. Software test consulting needs expertise to quickly identify challenges and develop solutions. But above all, it needs experts who are adequately able to meet the specific requirements of individual projects. We not only propose solutions, we also implement them.



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…requires professionalism and an orientation towards achieving long-term benefits for the customer. It implies an ability to communicate, a sense of responsibility and a solution-oriented mentality. In selecting its staff, OBJENTIS pays close attention to these personality traits and supports employees in their professional as well as personal development. OBJENTIS also knows about the importance of ethics codes for consulting services and will ensure compliance with the guidelines. Our consulting team is diverse – although software testing ultimately encompasses very different challenges, all of our consultants share the ability to cooperate and communicate, and to proactively support our customers.

Amongst others, OBJENTIS test consultants support software development projects within the financial services industry, in healthcare, in the telecom and industrial (production logistics) sectors, and those of public institutions.


OBJENTIS consultants can assist your company in the following areas

  • Test management and test coordination
  • Implementing in-house standards
  • Planning, developing and executing all aspects of testing
  • Load and performance tests, GUI and security checks
  • Implementing test scenarios in agile projects
  • Designing and executing automated test runs
  • Developing and establishing management information systems (based on test metrics)

Quality demands adequate resources and tools, solid planning, clearly structured processes and suitable indicators for evaluation. More than anything, however, quality rests on the human factor. As a result, the best practitioners of QA are individuals who cherish quality as a way of life – meaning those who actively commit to improving quality in all that they do, by applying their skills and competencies toward overcoming any type of challenge.

All OBJENTIS consultants thus bring with them advanced training in information technology as well as years of practical project experience. Beyond their extensive background in various software testing methodologies, our testers also possess in-depth business know-how.