Testing as a Service – Software Test Execution

“The most common reason for schedule slippages, cost overruns, and outright cancellation of major systems is that they contain too many bugs or defects to operate successfully.” [Capers Jones]

We all know there is nothing steady and predictable about software testing. Depending on the phase and task, the challenges sometimes exceed our own capacities, in which case expert outside support is often the most efficient answer.

During the final stages of a project, time pressure typically becomes a factor. However, assigning business specialists to execute tests is often not an efficient solution, especially for time-consuming regressions. After all, these are usually highly qualified employees, and using them to perform “routine” testing tasks can be costly. Their motivation might also suffer, which in turn could negatively impact quality.

In the case of manual testing, consultants may be just the answer. Not only do they reduce the burden on the client’s business specialists, but as professional testers they also deliver efficient results. After all, manual testing is not simply a matter of routinely executing predefined test cases, but instead requires a fundamental understanding of the technical requirements and test methodology in addition to the business requirements. At OBJENTIS, we ensure that our consultants have the necessary technical qualifications and industry experience before we send them into the field. In addition, they are well versed in software testing according to ISTQB.

As part of a test consulting network, OBJENTIS is also able to support clients with a complete testing team. This may be necessary during critical project phases and we can typically respond on short notice. We discuss the desired team qualifications in advance with the client to ensure that all requirements are met. Our manual testing support extends from executing already well-defined test cases through to explorative testing. Whereas in the latter case a tester must especially combine creative thinking with comprehensive knowledge of the client’s industry and business, executing predefined test cases calls for a solid technician with excellent attention to detail. And this brings us to the key OBJENTIS advantage: Not only do we provide clients with a tailored team, but we also take care of training and quality assurance.

OBJENTIS provides support for numerous other software testing challenges, such as code reviews, load and performance testing, and the design and implementation of test automation. So, whatever your challenge, we can provide the necessary know-how on short notice.

Testing In-House Developed Software: From requirements reviews through to integration testing, OBJENTIS can provide support during all phases of the development process.

Testing Customized Standard Systems (ERP): When adapting complex standard systems, interface and regression testing take on special importance.OBJENTIS services include developing viable testing strategies, test coordination, and support for implementing automated testing processes.

Acceptance Testing for 3rd-Party Integrations: Acceptance testing for software with complex 3rd-party components presents a significant challenge. OBJENTIS supports clients with suitable acceptance testing strategies.