Workshop: Test Awareness

Fundamentals of Professional Software Testing

Companies tFotolia_32529979_M_PNGhat do not have a dedicated team of software test specialists often assign staff from the helpdesk, development or business domains to perform testing. Though well versed in technical and business knowledge, these individuals often lack specific software testing know-how. This workshop has been specifically designed for them.

The workshop provides an introduction to systematic software testing for individuals who document and execute test cases as a side duty. A key objective is to highlight the contribution of software testing to added value in the various software development stages: from code and unit testing to component tests, and through to integration, system and acceptance testing. A special focus is on the systematic documentation of test cases as a means of reducing the overall time and effort, particularly when software changes are planned.

The workshop targets employees in the software development, helpdesk and business departments who perform software tests as a side duty.


The following topics are covered:

  • The fundamental testing processFotolia_20567878_S_PNG
  • Creating and parameterizing test cases
  • Test execution and documentation
  • Test analysis/evaluation
  • Risk considerations
  • Discrepancy management
  • Test automation fundamentals
  • Social skills in testing
  • Customer-specific topics

The workshop lasts two days. In addition to methodological instruction, an emphasis is on practical exercises (especially test case documentation and test execution).


  • Optimized Testing: Training employees who are only involved in certain aspects of testing helps optimize the overall process; while clear and concise documentation leads to more efficient and effective communication.
  • Employee Satisfaction: A better understanding of the importance of their testing function, combined with improved know-how to perform the related tasks, increases the satisfaction and motivation of participating employees.
  • Improved Product Quality: Software quality is directly related to the commitment and motivation of the testing team, as well as the know-how of its members. A highly motivated and well-trained staff is therefore paramount to product quality.