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Innovative Austria

In the “Innovative Austria – Artificial Intelligence” series of Report Verlag’s “eAward” platform, showcase projects from pioneers of a new business world are presented. Among them is the Driverless Test Automation from OBJENTIS.

Report (+) PLUS in conversation with OBJENTIS

“The software expert and IT service provider Objentis enables automated testing, operation or even monitoring of applications using the already existing computer interfaces – without the need for access to the system to be automated.”

(…) “For Roland Tscheinig, Managing Director of Objentis Software Integration, the “Drvless” solution impresses with its simplicity: »Input is in natural language, scripting or programming knowledge is not required for use.«

(…) “»Since no installation is required, testing can even be performed automatically in the production environment, or in safety-critical environments.«”

Source: Published in online on 23.11.2022.

Driverless Test Automation

Drvless is an AI powered testing & automation tool that is not only powerful but easy to learn. There is no need to have prior experience in testing & automation, and there is no need to access your software’s source code: Drvless is compatible with any OS, any device and any application. 

For more information and to request a demo see

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