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Our offer at a glance

More than expert advice

In the IT environment in particular, consulting is often equated with bringing in expert knowledge that companies request as needed. But this is only one form of consulting. For example, an assessment is worthless if the results are not implemented.

In addition, fewer projects fail because of technical challenges than because of difficulties in the areas of organization and communication. Consultants can provide valuable support here if they bring consulting know-how in addition to expert knowledge.

Good consulting means, first and foremost: asking the right questions, listening, establishing a common perspective. Consulting refrains from giving advice, it masters the art of enabling.

Service and solution orientation as a basic attitude

Consultants are first and foremost characterized by their attitude. When putting together a team, OBJENTIS therefore attaches great importance to personality traits such as communication skills and solution orientation.

In addition to the technical skills, we continuously develop the consulting competencies of our consultants. As software testers, we know: Finding a problem is only the first step, we have to make sure it gets fixed.

We offer among others the following consulting services, tools and solutions

Quality requires appropriate resources and tools, good planning, clearly structured processes and the right indicators for evaluation. But above all, it also needs people who are concerned about quality – and who not only propose solutions in this regard, but also implement them.

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