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Agile testing services

Redesign of the test processes

Agile software development has long since become a serious alternative to models such as the Rational Unified Process (RUP) or the V-Model. Instead of conventional project plans, a simple structure consisting of a few roles and a clear process is used: Two to four-week cycles, called sprints, replace the milestone concept. Manageable teams that communicate face to face every day work as self-organized as possible.

Agile Testing Services OBJENTIS

Agile software development methods also require a redesign of the test processes, thereby necessitating further development of the role of testers. Previously testing had been seen as an external instance of a development cycle. In agile software development an integral approach is taken.

Agile teams are characterized by heterogeneity and interdisciplinarity, while combining know-how in development with industry and quality assurance knowledge. Agile testers face the challenge of having to deliver results in a very short time.


Agile testers need skills in the following areas:


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