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Code review

"Static Analysis" - early warning system

Long before functional tests, a code analysis provides initial information about the quality of the software and enables corrective control in early project phases. Code analysis is increasingly becoming an integral part of the acceptance procedure: Only if code is clearly structured can software remain maintainable and suitable for further development.

Code analysis unfolds its optimization potential primarily within the framework of an integrated test concept. Static analysis provides more than information about forgotten statements or memory leaks. Test coverage can be improved in coordination with the functional tests. If the information is processed in a dashboard, it facilitates the planning and control of the project and enables efficient benchmarking.


OBJENTIS integrates various analysis methods into a single, comprehensive view. We carry out code analysis in the form of assessments. These can be done for our customers at any time, although an early analysis would be ideal. The goal is optimizing the software quality, in particular:

With code analysis assessments we support customers with their own development, and they are also part of our acceptance tests for 3rd party deliveries. The services include:


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