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Customized workshops & coaching

Learning for practice

When companies send employees to be trained, the expected result is more efficient and effective software testing practices. But there is a common pitfall: Although employees come back motivated to apply what they have learned, there is often no noticeable improvement and projects continue to progress as usual.

As a consulting company, OBJENTIS is committed to providing training that leads to success in practice. Imparting knowledge is just the first step, since we measure ourselves on how this knowledge leads to improved testing for the client.

Training and test strategy

Every company has a test strategy: some are comprehensively documented in detail, while others can be arbitrary or spontaneous in nature. Every training course must tie in with the test culture, and consolidate it or develop it further, otherwise the newly learned knowledge won’t be retained. If the test strategy is adapted, then the training has the task of solidifying the new strategy and distilling it into people’s thought process.

We teach different models and approaches for test processes, but the decisive questions are the same: How does the model fit the task and is it truly comprehendible? We allocate time during our trainings to develop understanding of the different models. Participants should not simply be thinking about the implementation after the training, but simply doing it.

Custom offers

Training is more than getting to know and practice methods. It should also motivate and “energize,” to encourage the breaking of new ground on an individual level as well as a team. Innovation is more than waiting for flashes of inspiration. It is the result of creativity and systematic development, and our trainings provide the perfect environment for it.

OBJENTIS offers you individual in-house training as well as practice-oriented coaching – on-site or online. If you are interested, please write us briefly at what you have in mind and we will contact you for a detailed preliminary discussion.

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