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Economic testing

A budget conscious approach

Quality assurance experts often rightly point out the fact that saving on software testing can cause follow up costs. The best possible result must be achieved within budgetary and time constraints. Often the time to market can be more important than complete functionality. At other times, the user interface might have higher priority than the stability of the program.

Economic testing takes the unconventional, budget conscious approach to testing in which each individual step is questioned. What quality is required in the current project phase? Does the benefit justify the testing effort? Can the required quality be achieved more cost effectively by other means? By focusing on critical project areas, economic testing optimizes software testing.

This means: Function follows budget.

Economic vs. Risk-Based Testing

Economic testing optimizes the test procedure within the given budget. Like risk-based testing, it uses the analysis of the potential impact of software bugs as a starting point. The approach is nevertheless different: Based on given conditions, the entire test process is adapted. The focus is not on the potential damages, but on enabling success.

In terms of economic testing, OBJENTIS places particular emphasis on the following:

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