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Testing digitization, digitizing tests

Paradigm shift

More recently, digitization has become a revolutionary process that cannot be underestimated. Analog information and processes are disappearing. Not only are individual work phases being automated, but entire process chains are being run without human intervention. For insurance providers, the goal is no longer to create workflow systems in support of customer service but rather to implement automatic processing from policy creation to the settling of claims. In manufacturing, it is not to build industrial robots but rather to create a fully automated factory.

The challenge of digitization for testing

The architectures for digitized processes should enable extensive connectivity, high dynamics and virtually unlimited flexibility. Simultaneously the demands on performance and security are increased. This means that software testing faces previously unknown challenges. As a result, we need new scientifically based solutions and mathematical algorithms that will grow in importance. In recent years OBJENTIS has been involved in projects that analyze mass data sets and enable the use of combinatorics in testing.

Digitization is more than a technical challenge. Self-learning algorithms have increasingly been making decisions, however these decisions have not always been transparent. In the future, testing must not only investigate the possible misuse of data, but also the consequences associated with the improper use of this data. A holistic view is required. OBJENTIS is therefore committed to diversity within its teams – and to shaping digitization within testing.

Test digitization

Software testing will not remain unaffected in the age of digitization. In fact, testing itself will change dramatically, far beyond existing automation concepts. The deployment and use of existing business intelligence systems in testing opens up completely new perspectives. OBJENTIS is also working on innovative concepts within this area.

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