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© by Wiedenbeck/CARE & Nahed Hatahet

Roland Tscheinig in an interview with Nahed Hatahet

Computerwelt Online published an interview by our managing director Roland Tscheinig with transformation expert, speaker and consultant Nahed Hatahet on the topic of “Software testing as the key to digital transformation“, in which the topic of artificial intelligence in particular is examined from the perspective of software testing.

How does AI help make software testing even more efficient?

“Software is extremely complex and networked in many ways – it has to be developed
or adapted at ever shorter intervals. In addition, it has to run on very different end devices and be used by very different people. This also increases the effort required for testing. Manual testing is expensive and – even more relevant – slow.

(…) We are developing a tool that tests a solution like a human would: An AI
recognizes the elements of the screen mask, enters test data and checks the results. Completely autonomous, no matter what device it is. Best of all, like many AI solutions, this program learns on its own! Recognition and testing are getting better and better with it.”

AI and ethics – quo vadis?

“We as a society are hardly prepared for this; technical development is ahead of
social discourse here. (…) In the future, we believe, the functional testing of software will be able to take place largely or entirely automatically, so it will be all the more important to examine the implications of a program. In a few years, I am convinced, there will also be machine ethics tests – conducted by philosophers together with technicians. We’d like to be part of that.”

Source: Interview originally published in Computerwelt (CW Fachverlag GmbH) Online on 29-11-2021, now in IT | conducted and created by author: Nahed Hatahet

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