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You can help too!

Ukraine Emergency Aid

The war in Ukraine is very upsetting and we would like to contribute to alleviate the suffering at least a little bit. Some of our employees come from Ukraine and tell us first-hand how they, as well as their families and friends, have been affected.

Perhaps some will remember from stories told by their parents or grandparents how CARE packages arrived in Austria after the Second World War. OBJENTIS so far has provided EUR 35.000 in emergency aid to Ukraine, with the money going to CARE Austria.

We also offer our employees the opportunity to donate an amount that will be doubled by OBJENTIS.

You too can support!

If you would also like to help, you can find the donation link of CARE Austria at or in the press release of CARE Austria.

© by CARE / People in Need

Refugees Aid - Thailand

OBJENTIS continually supports special focus projects. Currently we are supporting Refugee Aid in Thailand.

There's no future without education

The Covid pandemic has increased extreme hardship. For many children, school has been cancelled – and with it often the only warm meal a day. But above all, these children lose all prospects for the future. The poorest of the poor, children of refugees, day laborers and discriminated minorities, have been hit hardest.

CARE Austria helps on site and has been running schools for children of refugee families from Myanmar in Thailand for years. Demand and need in the region are very high. OBJENTIS has been supporting CARE for many years, and this project specifically since 2018.

If you would also like to help, please donate to:

IBAN:           AT77 6000 0000 0123 6000
BIC:              BAWAATWW
Password:   Thailand

IBAN:           AT77 6000 0000 0123 6000
BIC:              BAWAATWW
Kennwort:   Thailand

More information about this CARE aid project can be found here.

© by CARE

Reporters Without Borders

In 2021, OBJENTIS supported the organization Reporters Without Borders for the first time.

Committed to the truth

We are fortunate to be able to live in freedom, in a consolidated democracy. A free press is a prerequisite for this, the “fourth pillar” of democracy. By explaining contexts, pointing out grievances and presenting complex issues in a comprehensible way, reporters make a significant contribution to the citizens’ maturity. In many countries, they risk losing their income, and far too often their freedom and their lives: In 2021, 25 journalists were killed and 358 imprisoned.

Reporters Without Borders is committed to ensuring that information remains a human right and cares for persecuted reporters. The organization thus works worldwide to uphold the right to freedom of the press and for diversity of opinion. Information and communications technology stands for the free exchange of opinions, which is why we are especially called upon to contribute to critical reporting, to independent journalism. This is why OBJENTIS supports Reporters Without Borders. You can find out more about the organization and specific ways to donate at

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