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Consulting & solutions

Data warehouse testing

Analyzing sources, checking functions Data warehouses integrate information from differently structured (often distributed) data stocks. The correct extraction, transformation and loading of the data (ETL) is therefore of central importance. Testing thus includes checking the program functions and processes as well as analyzing the data coming from different sources with regard to correct transformation. Prototyping, […]

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Migration project support

The paramount importance of data When replacing or modernizing existing systems, in addition to the “classic” quality assurance of the application, a migration of the data that has grown over many years must very often be planned and carried out. Migrations of this kind are of central importance because the integrity of the data must

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Security testing

Security is included in testing Functional and non-functional tests (e.g. load and performance tests) as well as examination of the application’s security should be included in the project plan. Penetration tests can provide basic information regarding application security. Web application interfaces/connections can be targeted with attacks (e.g. denial of service, unauthorized access, etc.). To identify

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Code review

“Static Analysis” – early warning system Long before functional tests, a code analysis provides initial information about the quality of the software and enables corrective control in early project phases. Code analysis is increasingly becoming an integral part of the acceptance procedure: Only if code is clearly structured can software remain maintainable and suitable for

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Agile Testing Services OBJENTIS

Agile testing services

Redesign of the test processes Agile software development has long since become a serious alternative to models such as the Rational Unified Process (RUP) or the V-Model. Instead of conventional project plans, a simple structure consisting of a few roles and a clear process is used: Two to four-week cycles, called sprints, replace the milestone

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An external view improves creative thinking When clients want to optimize their test processes and procedures and adapt them to new challenges, OBJENTIS supports them with assessments. In combination with specialist knowledge and experience, an outside view offers new and often surprising opportunities to optimize procedures and processes. Our approach is based on the concept

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E2E IT project management

End-to-end support As an independent partner, OBJENTIS supports the client in the planning and execution of projects. The procedure is adapted to the customer environment and the optimal solution is worked out together. This can mean an agile or traditional approach, with conversion in a single litter or in several partial steps. It is essential

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Load and Performance Tests

Anticipate the unforeseen Load and performance tests are non-functional software tests in which various tools are used to simulate a high load on the system under test in order to check whether it would withstand this load given real conditions. OBJENTIS helps you to put your systems through their paces. We accompany customers from the

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Software test automation

Structure as a prerequisite Consistently high testing quality, relief of test staff from routine work and cost and time savings are all important arguments for automating software tests. It is undisputed that automation is virtually a must, especially for regression tests. The important thing is to automate correctly. Critical success factors include: The choice of

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SAP test consulting

Focus on functionality and business logic The introduction of SAP solutions, including system upgrades and support and enhancement packages, generates a need for testing. The broad functional spectrum of SAP applications requires extensive testing of functionality and business logic. SAP tests differ from other test procedures in the following points: SAP tests are very extensive.

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